current connection (LC2 makeup)

For my current connection, the assigned reading was pages thirty three to forty in The New Teacher Book. The reading was about getting your classroom together and discussed different and effective ways to do so as a teacher. The chapter was written by Bob Peterson who was a teacher himself. He explained that he wanted to create a home away from home for his students and was all in on them getting them engaged and learning as much as possible in his class. Bob learned a lot himself on how to become a better teacher and developed his own teaching style over time. What Bob believes helps get a classroom together is learning from others, asking hard questions, modeling, displaying educational posters, organizing the paper load and student materials, labeling, tracking student progress, and learning from doing. By applying these things to your classroom, you can successfully keep your students engaged and educate them to their fullest learning potential. 

The article I found to support my connection was titled 5s Techniques to Optimize Classroom Organization. The article was directed towards elementary school classrooms, but the same concepts apply in any classroom setting. Many of the same concepts that were discussed in The New Teacher Book were mentioned in the article as well. The article 5s Techniques to Optimize Classroom Organization recognized a problem and developed a strategy to solve it. The problem they found was students spending too much time to get their books and materials from the classroom bookshelf due to the classroom being unorganized. This was taking time away from the students learning and was an issue that had to be addressed. The article stated five methods to improve organization of the classroom. These methods are sorting, set in order, shining, standardizing, and sustain. The sorting method involved eliminating unnecessary items and clutter on bookshelves, tables and closets. Also, unnecessary paperwork was disposed of in this method just as Peterson limited the paper load in his classroom. The standardizing method involves labeling out spaces to identify them. Along with laying out class information, schedules, calendars and reminders for the students. This method was also apparent in Peterson’s classroom when he took time to label materials in order to keep them accessible and to encourage students to keep them orderly and safe. The sustain method in this article contains charting tasks for each student to complete for the classroom to stay organized. This is similar to Peterson tracking his students’ progress. In the article, the students’ progress is tracked by the chart in which the teacher has access to. 

I believe the ideas mentioned in both The New Teacher Book and in the article are great ways to help improve a learning environment. An organized classroom is essential for students to get the most out of their learning. It creates a safe and fun learning environment. An organized classroom will lead to the students being organized along with the elimination of stress. Students will be more comfortable and will be ready and willing to learn. 

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