Comic Strip/Field Observation #2

For my second comic, I described what I saw at another one of my field observations at Laurel. What I saw during this visit directly correlates to something we discussed in class earlier this semester. We discussed how standardized testing is not a good way to assess students’ learning. We talked about how student performance when taking standardized tests can vary depending on how they are feeling that day, so it is not always an accurate way of determining whether or not the students are grasping what they are being taught. Mrs. Shwartz’s second graders had a reading period, after lunch, on one of the days of my visit. During this period, each individual student sat down with the teacher one-on-one to display their reading skills.  Each student was tasked with reading a page from a book and they were timed on how fast they were able to read it. This was the third time this year that each student had their one-on-ones. Mrs. Schwartz kept a record of each student’s time from their previous performances to see whether or not the student improved their time. I was able to watch two of the students complete their reading and they both were excited when they found out they improved their words per minute. This is a great way to assess students’ learning because the teacher spends time with each student and can adapt to each of their needs. The students also feel cared about and are more inclined to stay engaged because they are not in a big group setting. 

Something else that occurred during my visit that I displayed in my comic was students lining up to walk to their next class. One student asked if she could be the line leader for that day and another student responded by saying “… that’s not your job.” At first, I was confused by this, but Mrs. Shwartz later explained that each student is assigned a job every week. For example, a couple of the jobs are a line leader, the electrician (in charge of turning on and off the classroom lights, and the secretary (passes out papers). As we have talked about in class, it is important for students to find purpose in the classroom. By Mrs. Shwartz assigning students jobs, it allows the students to find their purpose, stay engaged, as well as teach them responsibility.

Below is my comic:

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